The Rossebuurt

In this part of town since the 14th century, the Red Light District leaves nothing to the imagination. The Rossebuurt, as the locals call it, is unique in its flaunting character. Women parade their wares in red-fringed window parlors, leaving many tourists gaping and pointing in shock. By day businessmen amble the alleys and quays at lunch hour, while by night the Red Light District brims with giggling groups of women celebrating a hen night or rowdy groups of men on a stag trip. For a seedy neighborhood, the Red Light District is safe and is always busy with hordes of tourists taking in the scene. Please do not take pictures of the sex workers at work in their windows. They may come after you or open the door and splash you with scalding (or icy) water! You may however take pictures off the bridges, down the canals, with the windows thus visible on both sides along them.