On Via Ripetta to the Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus and Altar of Peace
  • 16 stops
  • 2 hours
  • 1.2 km
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This excursion will guide you through the streets and sights to be found between the central avenues of Rome – the Via del Corso, and the Tiber River Embankment. Along the way we'll see interesting sights from all periods of Rome's long history.
Ancient Rome features in our excursion in the shape of the ruins of the Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus, and in particular a remarkable example of Ancient Roman art – the Altar of Peace. Both of these unusual monuments were unearthed by chance. While the Altar of Peace has become a modern museum complex, whose bas-reliefs can be admired in detail through clear glass, the dilapidation of Augustus's mausoleum barely conveys the scale of its former glory. So allow us to let your imagination bring the mausoleum back to life – our excursion will tell you how it once looked long ago.