The Church on the Spilt Blood
  • 22 stops
  • 4 hours
  • 1.8 km
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The centrepiece of our excursion today is one of the most iconic and remarkable of St Petersburg's famous sights – usually known in English as the Church On The Spilt Blood. However, a more correct translation would be 'the Saviour Church On The Blood'. Everything about it is unusual – its name, its location, and its appearance. During our excursion you'll find out more about what we mean when we call this church 'unusual'. This unusual church is surrounded by a number of other buildings of great interest – with connections to the rise of Russian commerce and industry, to education, and to the Arts. Come along with us to discover more about the oil empire of the Nobel family, the Jesuit Academy, the basement of the Stray Dog, and lots more besides!
These surroundings are no strangers to tragedy. The Church on the Spilt Blood commemorates the assassination of Russian Tsar Alexander II, which took place on the very spot where it now stands – while the funeral of famed Russian poet - Alexander Pushkin was held in the church on neighbouring Koniushenny, or Stables Street.
In addition to finding out more about the historical background to these differing events, you'll be able to enjoy the magnificent wrought-iron railings of the Mikhailovsky Gardens, discover the secret of the Triple Bridge, find out what happened to the former Imperial Stables, and even sit on a chair with a hidden treasure!