Prague Castle and Hradcany
  • 27 stops
  • 2 hours
  • 2.2 km
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This excursion is devoted to Prague Castle, and Hradcany – the township which grew up around the castle walls. The castle stands atop high cliffs, and it was only from the west that it could be accessed, by a road which went through dense forest. To protect the castle from this western side the Strahov Fortress & Monastery were built – where we begin our excursion. The Hradcany district includes the beautiful baroque Loreta Shrine, which incorporates a copy of the Church of Our Lady of Loreta - brought to Italy by angels from Nazareth. You'll feel that you've been transported into a fairytale world when you come to the little district of Novy Svet. Prague Castle is the heart of Prague, and the heart of the entire Czech nation. The cliffs above the Vltava River are a testament to the proud stone buildings over which the Church of St Vitus stands. St Vitus is the last resting place of rulers, before whom all Europe bent its knee. Seven great locks stand guard over the Crown Jewels of Bohemia. This is a place that thronged with people in days of yore – and continues to receive steady flows of tourist visitors to this day.

Reviews and ratings
Sep 2, 2018 Tourist
Fantastic walking tour! Wonderful historical stories and route took through the area in a very enjoyable way.