Zone: The historic centre


Welcome to Oslo! Our route today begins at the Oslo Opera Theatre. Along our way we are going to stop at the Stock Exchange, the Cathedral and the Parliament, at the Akershus fortress, the Town Hall Square and the University, and finally we'll finish our excursion outside the Royal Palace. We'll find out what happened at the Stock Exchange during the financial meltdown... why there's a tiger on the square outside the Central Rail Station... how many cathedral buildings there have ever been in Oslo.... can gay priests serve in the Norwegian Church... what the famous playwright Ibsen had for lunch, and with what favourite cocktail he washed it down... what happened to the prisoner on a murder charge, who hewed two lion statues from stone, which stand outside the Parliament... and what high-jinx high-school graduates get up to on Constitution Day.
  • Norway
  • Oslo
  • 15 stops
  • 02:33
  • 3220 m.
  • English
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