Zone: From the Esquiline Hill to Villa Borghese


Diocletian's Roman Baths was built at the turn of the C4th AD on the orders of the joint Emperors of the Western Empire – Diocletian and Maximian – and were dedicated to Emperor Diocletian. These baths were the biggest that were ever built at any time in Ancient Rome. Water was supplied to the baths from a special watercourse named the Acqua Marcia, or Aqueduct of Marcius. The cistern was only dismantled in the late C19th when the time came for building the Termini railway station. This tour takes us around the places associated with the great names of different eras. We’ll also meet famous generals and the first Christian martyrs as we explore the elegant Ludovisi and Sallustiano districts and learn about two of the most important government centers and the difficult life of Christians in Ancient Rome. We’ll follow in the footsteps of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of the XIX century wars of unification, and other eminent figures from St. Theresa to Queen Margarita (of pizza fame).
  • Italy
  • Rome
  • 13 stops
  • 01:13
  • 2743 m.
  • English
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