Zone: The Peter and Paul Fortress, and Islands

Hello and welcome to St Petersburg Walks! St Petersburg is a city built across many islands – but one of the most beautiful is the subject of today's walk, Stony Island. It's an island of great interest, where we find a huge number of historic buildings and sites of significant importance. The focus of our attention during this walk will be the mansions and residences of Stony Island, and the life-stories of the famous figures who lived in them. Much of the architecture is so atmospheric that Stony Island has been the set-location for many famous movies too. During the walk you'll be following in the footsteps of everyone from Sherlock Holmes to Prince Florizel! Sad to say, more and more of these wonderful buildings are disappearing behind towering security fences – Stony Island seems destined to become a gated community in the future. This makes it especially valuable that we still have the chance to see them before they're fenced in! So hurry up, to savour the delights of Stony Island – and don't forget to bring your camera to record the memories for posterity!
  • Russia
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 17 stops
  • 01:38
  • 2974 m.
  • English
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