Zone: The main prospects

Author: Ekaterina Selyutina

Nevsky Prospect is the central avenue of St Petersburg. It's a very diverse street, and we notice this especially on the section between Sadovaya Street and the Fontanka River. The buildings on the uneven-numbered side of the street almost all have a grand, ceremonial character to them – whereas those on the opposite side are more cheek-by-jowl and humdrum by comparison. However, this overall impression tends to conceal the avenue's underlying history – it's a street where the private lives of the locals were once intertwined with underground political activists, billionaire merchants, and the Leningrad literati. It's a story which involves cats, mermaids, and even.. elephants!
  • Russia
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 14 stops
  • 01:15
  • 1152 m.
  • English
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