Zone: Innerstadt

The Am Hof square is the largest square in the city, and in fact remains Vienna's largest square to this day, and it was also extremely popular with the townsfolk. It had historically been a place where outdoor events and spectacles were held – jousting tournaments, performances by singers or street musicians. Along our way we'll have a chance to see the city palace which belonged to the Collalto family is the same building where the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart frequently stayed. Mozart stayed in the palace during his first trip to Vienna – even though he was only 6. We we'll see the Esterhazy famaly palace, who invited the legendary Joseph Haydn to the court. The Esterhazy family is not only renowned for its contributions to classical music; it’s also beloved of sweet-toothed gourmets. The Esterhazy tart is a famous almond and chocolate cake with a creamy filling.
  • Austria
  • Vienna
  • 15 stops
  • 01:11
  • 1114 m.
  • English
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