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Stockholm is often called 'the royal city', even though the Swedish royal family – who still exist – have effectively lost all their power, and are now only symbolic rulers. The names of Stockholm's avenues, streets, and even lanes are all immersed in this ancient royal history, and often have much to tell us about the events, owners, and monarchs who once ruled the land. Sweden has King Gustav III - who ruled in the late-18th century – to thank for the Swedish Royal Opera, the National Museum, and the Swedish Drama Theatre. Other city squares and monuments commemorate other Swedish monarchs. This excursion will introduce you to Sweden's royal heritage of recent centuries, and the art and culture they comprise. Along the way we'll also see some of the most famous and fashionable hotels in the capital – such as the Grand Hotel, which hosts the annual Nobel Prize Award ceremony – as well as being the preferred address in Stockholm of many of the crowned heads of Europe.
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