Zone: The main prospects

“There's nothing finer that Nevsky Prospect! Well, nothing finer in St Petersburg, anyhow – because in St Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect is, well... everything!” wrote the famous Russian author Nikolai Gogol. And in truth, you can really call Nevsky Prospect the heart of St Petersburg, and the city's live revolves around it. Along this single street you can see all the magnificence of former bank buildings that resemble Italian palaces... fashionable shopping emporiums executed in the style moderne fashion... classical mansion apartments... and the stern architecture of churches of foreign confessions. Each of these buildings has its own special story to tell. Our excursion runs from the Admiralty to the Griboyedov Canal, including not only the world-famous sights, but also those you don't find in guidebooks – for example, an attic that belongs to Russian rock legend Boris Grebenshikov, or a soviet-era cake-shop.
  • Russia
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 19 stops
  • 01:25
  • 1758 m.
  • English
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