Zone: The Old town


Town Hall Square is one of the most famous squares in the Latvian capital's Old Town - famed for the buildings of the Town Hall, and the House of Blackheads, as well as the Roland statue. Nearby is the monument to the Latvian Riflemen, and Menzendorf's House – the place where the famous Riga Balsam was invented. Behind the House of the Blackheads we find the city's symbol – St Peter's Church, with its famous spire, and monument to the Musicians of Bremen in its courtyard. Along our route today you will also see St John's Church, and the Riga Chekhov Russian Drama Theatre; you can stop to admire the 'Laima' clock, a well-known place for the romantically-minded to meet for dates; and finally we'll come to the elegant park on Bastion Hill, for a wonderful panoramic view over Riga.
  • Latvia
  • Riga
  • 12 stops
  • 01:21
  • 1576 m.
  • English
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