Zone: From the Colosseum to Vatican

The meaning of 'Aventine Hill' has become lost over the centuries – in fact even the Ancient Romans had no clear idea about the origins of the name. There were some people who believed a legendary king of Rome name Avencinus was buried there. Plutarch, on the other hand, claimed the name arose from the various birds of prey which lived on the hill – avibus or ave in Latin. Legend also mentions the famous stand-off between Romulus and Remus – the two twin children of Mars, the god of war. During our walk we will tell you who exactly won that fight, as well as some more about ancient Roman traditions and pastimes... about the miracles which the first Christians performed... and the clash between the Order of Malta and the Masons.
  • Italy
  • Rome
  • 12 stops
  • 01:09
  • 1906 m.
  • English
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