Zone: Up from Avenue Diagonal


Park Guell is the dream-like creation of architect Antonio Gaudi and businessman Eusebi Güell. The park was originally conceived as a gated community for the urban beau-monde, a paradise closed off from the outer world by way of a high fence replete with masonic imagery. Commercially the project was a flop – only one willing buyer came forward – yet with time the park would become symbolic with Barcelona. Together we will explore this famous landmark, wandering through galleries full of wonder, climbing to one of the grandest views of Barcelona, following the trail of the masonic and Catholic imagery dotted throughout the park, and learning what its history can teach us of the philosophy of the two remarkable men who conceived and created it.
  • Spain
  • Barcelona
  • 10 stops
  • 00:56
  • 1190 m.
  • English
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