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Let's begin our walk along the legendary Sunset Boulevard. The former film studios here slowly gave way to offices, and fast food outlets have replaced the glamorous mansions which formerly belonged to the stars of a bygone era, and worn-out signs advertise restaurants which went out of business long ago. Yet by evening we still find the neon signs of fashionable clubs, and stretch limos hovering outside the five-star hotels. We'll see the locations famed in Hollywood – such as the Academy of Dramatic Arts, where the stars of the future train – along with what were once the Charlie Chaplin Studios. We'll also be showing you a school where movie stars and their kids studied – and a church which has played host to movie-star weddings, and from where the idols of millions set off on their final journey on earth.
  • United States
  • Los Angeles
  • 10 stops
  • 01:02
  • 1703 m.
  • English
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