Zone: West Berlin

During our walk we'll be following along parts of the Berlin Wall. We'll see places historically connected with the Wall, hear about how the Wall was first built, and about life in the two parts of Berlin which the Wall divided – and the attempts of the 'socialist paradise' to outdo West Berlin. We're also going to be delving deeper into boho Berlin. The areas adjacent to the Wall were considered a bit crummy by comparison with the rest of the city – so some of society's more unconventional characters often ended up living here. Kreuzberg became home to hippy artists, students, squatters, and Turkish immigrants – all of whom have left their own mark on the neighbourhood. In fact we'll be going past one of Berlin's most famous squats, as well as seeing a graffiti version of the famous picture of Brezhnev & Honecker's embrace – painted on the Wall by Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel.
  • Germany
  • Berlin
  • 16 stops
  • 02:12
  • 4942 m.
  • English
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