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Today's walk is devoted to the major sights, monuments and locations which are most loved by the Viennese themselves. Most of the places we'll see today were built during the era of the Austrian monarchy – so they call up memories of Austria's great and glorious past, when Vienna was the capital of a mighty empire. During our tour we'll be strolling alongside the 'Secession' Exhibition Centre – which local punsters have dubbed 'the golden head of cabbage'; the building of the Technical University, founded in the 19th century; Vienna's oldest market, the Nashmarkt; and the centrepiece of our route, the Belvedere Palace, a sight sufficiently famous as to be commemorated on Austria's 20-euro-cent coin, which is produced by the Austrian Mint. A nice coincidence, because we'll be visiting the Mint too – to see how much of Austria's 'own' tradition they've been able to depict on their local EU-approved currency.
  • Austria
  • Vienna
  • 13 stops
  • 01:25
  • 3149 m.
  • English
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