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The Alexander Gardens have always been a favourite spot for a stroll, both with native Muscovites, and city visitors. The gardens were laid out alongside the walls of the Kremlin as part of the victory commemoration events to mark Russia's successful defeat of Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. The gardens were laid in what had once been the Kremlin's river moat – along the course of where the now-forgotten Neglinnaya River runs – or rather ran, before it was ducted below ground as part of the plans for the Gardens. It was planned to call them The Kremlin Gardens – their original name. As we stroll through these gardens, we'll find out just how many defensive wall-towers the Kremlin has really, and what their names are. We'll walk further to Volkhonka Street, with its museums and galleries... we'll hear the story of how Moscow's most famous museum was founded, and marvel at the grandeur of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – the tallest in Russia, and the principle cathedral in Russia today.
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  • 01:26
  • 2118 m.
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