Zone: The suburbs

Author: Ekaterina Selyutina

Welcome to Pushkin – the suburban town near St Petersburg, which was originally called Tsarskoye Selo – 'The Tsar's Village' when founded in 1710. The Catherine Palace at Pushkin, with its famous Amber Room, is one of the iconic sights of any visit to St Petersburg. Yet there are many fascinating things lying in wait in the Catherine Park, too, When we walk along its paths, we can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery, but also delve into the history of this former Imperial residence, The park's close connections extend beyond the Romanov royal family – we also find war memorials here. The most important thing here, however, is the memorial to the many poets and authors whose lives were linked to this park. Perhaps this is just one of the reasons the town of Pushkin is known as the 'town of the Muses'.
  • Russia
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 20 stops
  • 01:42
  • 3310 m.
  • English
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