Zone: Innerstadt

Medieval Vienna's history is a tapestry woven from actual events, superstition and legend. The creators of this unforgettable fabric include venerable monks, local tittle-tattlers, strolling musicians, students, and scribes. Separating fact from fiction, after so many years, is no easy process. Does Vienna really have a Dr. Death, who has made a pact with Satan? Why does the city have a Liars Square, and a Bloody Lane? And why is there a cow playing draughts with a wolf? We'll aim to give you today's viewpoint on these historic questions, and blow off the cobwebs of speculation with the power of accumulated wisdom. As the saying goes “a person with knowledge finds nothing impossible”.
  • Austria
  • Vienna
  • 14 stops
  • 01:07
  • 1313 m.
  • English
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