Zone: Along rivers and canals

Charming small lanes, old parks, and islands - the hallmark features which draw visitors to Amsterdam. It's an appearance that's very typical of the Amsterdam district called Oost. As you might guess from the name, the district takes up the entire eastern section of the city, between the River Amstel and the sea, to the eastern islands of the city. The buildings here in this quarter are a real 'patchwork quilt' of differing styles, designs and historical periods. Visiting the Oosterpark, which hosts several ethnic music and dance festivals, we will enjoy numerous modern sculptures, on the Dapper Market we will try hippie clothing and may be get a couple of genius young artist paintings for cheap price, and then feel the pulse of the district, walking along Java street
  • Netherlands
  • Amsterdam
  • 15 stops
  • 01:53
  • 4699 m.
  • English
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