Zone: Campo Marzio

Welcome to Rome! We start our excursion in the very historic centre of Rome. As we wander around Rome, it's almost impossible not to bisect one of its central avenues – the Via del' Corso. Modern-day Corso is almost always packed every day with excited tourists and shoppers, who flock here to the large number of fashion stores. And in fact in bygone days the excitement here was even greater – Via del Corso was the setting for the Roman Carnival, a time of merry-making before Lent began, and established by the Popes themselves in the middle XV century. The entire populace of the city attended the Carnival events, which culminated in the running of wild horses along the Corso, starting from Piazza del Populo, and running all the way to Piazza Vecchia – which is now known as the Piazza di Venezia.
  • Italy
  • Rome
  • 11 stops
  • 01:10
  • 1930 m.
  • English
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