Zone: Tradition of Old Prague

Prague is more than one thousand years old. Some call it 'hundred-towered Prague', some call it 'golden Prague', but the Czechs themselves call it 'Mother Prague'. Let's head off around Mother Prague, and discover its authentic and ancient history. We'll walk from the boundaries of Old & New Towns to the grey walls of the Vysehrad Fortress, and visit one of Prague's former villages – Podskali, or Under-Cliff, where fishermen and timberjacks once lived. The village is tucked under the mysterious Slovansky Cliffs, above which we find the Emauzi Monastery. The old village nestled there on the banks of Prague's Vltava River, in waters reputed to be haunted by water-spirits. The daily lives of Podskali village's inhabitants was ruled by the water – and these water-spirits would sometimes leave their watery depths, and come ashore to talk to people. As time went by, little cottages with tiled roofs, and stubby whitewashed chimneys appeared among the orchard trees, only to be replaced today by a modern high-rise embankment where the new tramcars ran, and new housing apartment blocks appeared in the latest style. These houses too have stories to tell. The friendly city of Mother Prague is waiting to share her stories with us today. Let's go, and listen!
  • Czech Republic
  • Prague
  • 19 stops
  • 01:22
  • 2615 m.
  • English
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