Zone: Prague districts

This excursion is devoted to Prague Castle, and Hradcany – the township which grew up around the castle walls. The castle stands atop high cliffs, and it was only from the west that it could be accessed, by a road which went through dense forest. To protect the castle from this western side the Strahov Fortress & Monastery were built – where we begin our excursion. The Hradcany district includes the beautiful baroque Loreta Shrine, which incorporates a copy of the Church of Our Lady of Loreta - brought to Italy by angels from Nazareth. You'll feel that you've been transported into a fairytale world when you come to the little district of Novy Svet. Prague Castle is the heart of Prague, and the heart of the entire Czech nation.
  • Czech Republic
  • Prague
  • 27 stops
  • 01:35
  • 2186 m.
  • English
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