Zone: The Golden Triangle

We complete our walk around Carlo Rossi Square - almost all the city’s central squares were formed with its participation. He designed not just one of the buildings but the whole ensemble, amazing in its unity and harmony. On our walk we will see the genius of the architect, and become acquainted with both the details and history of his creations. You will learn the history of the creation of Rossi’s great ensembles, about what used to be there before them, where the expression “muck about” came from and which ain’t too arty in the Arts Square. We will see one of the most ideal of streets, and squares called "Elephant" and "Cheesecake", and of course, at the centre of it all – the story of the life and works of the great architect, Carlo Rossi.
  • Russia
  • Saint Petersburg
  • 17 stops
  • 01:12
  • 2218 m.
  • English
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