Zone: East Berlin

Friedrichstrasse is Berlin's largest, longest and most central street. It was named in honour of King Friedrich I, the Elector of Brandenburg – the first monarch to rule a united Prussia. Friedrichstrasse cuts through the entire city on a north-south axis – and despite the great destruction of World War Two, it preserves many of the city's historic locations. In fact, there are really quite a lot of them along Friedrichstrasse! Here you'll see the most enormous theatre in Berlin – the Admiralpalast Theatre, which dates from the early years of the 20th century. Here too we find the famous “Checkpoint Charlie”, where East and West Berlin were once divided; the remains of the former Anhalt Railway Station, and the tragic memorial complex of the Topography of Terror. Come along with us through the pages of Berlin's glorious and infamous history.
  • Germany
  • Berlin
  • 11 stops
  • 01:30
  • 4195 m.
  • English
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