Zone: Campo Marzio

Welcome to Rome! During the tour we'll be first seeing the famous fountains – of which Rome has 280 in total – as well as Rome's most famous square. Pride of place among them all must go to last great outpouring of Roman baroque, the astonishing Trevi Fountain – the iconic symbol of the Eternal City. This is where you'll see petrified water and living rock, and find out how to ensure that your current trip to Rome won't be your last. In addition, we will see the Pantheon. Missing the Pantheon on a trip to Rome would be like missing the Eiffel Tower on a trip to Paris. The Pantheon is Rome's heart and soul – and perhaps the only building from Ancient Rome that's come down to us mostly unchanged. And we will finish our tour in Piazza Navona - the world's most dramatically theatrical squares. Its oval shape is a legacy of its use as a stadium for the Games which were first held here by the Emperor Domitian in the C1st BC, when they were the Fields of Mars for the Roman community.
  • Italy
  • Rome
  • 9 stops
  • 01:10
  • 1686 m.
  • English
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