Zone: The right bank of the Grand Canal

Though starting in the Sestiere of Castello, this itinerary will take us through almost the entire Sestiere of Cannaregio, in the northern part of Venice. We will learn about all the heroes resting in Venice's marvelous pantheon, the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. We will goggle at one of the most gorgeous facades on the Grand Canal, that of Ca' d'Oro. The monument of Paolo Sarpi will tell us about the tense relations between Venice and the Vatican, and the Ghetto will give us an idea of how the Jewish community lived on this island for three hundred years. We must keep in mind though, that the main street in the Sestiere of Cannaregio, the Strada Nova, did not exist before the 19th century. During the Venetian Republic, a canal flowed on this spot and everyone got around on watercraft. Today the Strada Nova is one of the widest streets in town and so intense is the tourist movement you can barely get through. Therefore a private gondola, if possible, is highly recommended.
  • Italy
  • Venice
  • 14 stops
  • 01:33
  • 2942 m.
  • English
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