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Although everyone knows that the official capital of the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Dutch people themselves the importance of the nearby city of The Hague – Den Haag – is actually rather greater. This is where issues of national significance are decided, and where the country's pulse can be truly measured. This walking tour covers the real heart of The Hague – the areas around Binnenhof and Buitenhof. Long ago, this area was covered by a hunting estate, which then became a magnificent residence for Dutch aristocrats. Today it's the scene of political life in the Netherlands, and the location for the meetings of the Dutch parliament. Along our way we'll see some remains of that former parkland, some ancient taverns... and even a square where official executions took place. As we move along our way, you'll find out more about the Hague's political and historical heritage, as well as finding out how political life in the Netherlands has developed from its earliest days until now.
  • Netherlands
  • Hague
  • 21 stops
  • 01:49
  • 1757 m.
  • English
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